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Seeking for Metallurgical Failure Analysis Services

If you have metal-based products, you need a team that will conduct metallurgical failure analysis. You want to make sure that those products work well next time. However, you want to find out the causes of failure. A team that has been doing analysis of metallurgical failure for a long time is what you need. In fact, you need reliable and accurate answers once failures occur. The experts that you must choose should have skills to find the problems quickly. If that happens, you can immediately prevent the said problems to occur again.

You need a world-class service provider that will be attentive enough to details. They must be able to identify your needs. It is important that the team provides you with most cost-effective and relevant failure solutions. They can do that because they have already analyzed thousands of failures. You also need to be sure they offer a good package for their services. For you to say that they are flexible, their analysis must include great service, microscopic examination, expertise, high-quality metallography and macroscopy, integrated team approach, and chemical analysis and chemical properties. You need a team that considers integrity and honesty as two important values at work. They will not tell you solutions which are not scientifically based. Since they want to offer the highest level of service, they will ensure the accuracy of their reports.

You want all issues to be solved. Hence, you only need the fastest growing metallurgical service provider. If you seek their services, they can even investigate and provide solutions within 7-14 days. Their team can even take requests anytime of the day and inform you about the results when you needed them the most. As to microscopic examination, they use optical microscopy, digital photography, and scanning electron microscopy. Since their investigators are experts, you find them to be a diversified team. Thus, you can find experts in the areas of chemical processing, oil and gas, power generation, pipeline, and aerospace, medical, and welding industries. You will find their experts to be very much qualified because they obtained their degrees from Colorado School of Mines.

As they conduct metallography and macroscopy, they will not present blurry pictures. They will not even make guesses only based on what they see in the pictures. Expect their people to meet daily just to discuss the projects. Hence, you will find them to have improved accuracy. They can even share fruitful insights in terms of failure investigation process.

When it comes to the failure analysis process, they only follow the practices from ASTM and ASM in terms of forensic investigation. They only use quality equipment with enough attention to detail and old-fashioned care. If you seek for quick answer, review of existing reports, and complete report, they can provide data immediately. If you seek for forensic investigation services, you will find them offering expert witness testimony, root cause determination, NDE and inspection services, fractography, microscopic assessment, corrosion assessment, and metallography. You will surely maintain your leadership status at your chosen industry.

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